Another New Beginning

Yeah, so the "Ever to Excel" blog makeover did not last long.

The goal of that redesign was two-fold: inspire my return to athletics since completing my two-year MBA program and allow the conversation of my blog to move beyond triathlon (but still focus on athletics). However, within one week of my blog relaunch, I suffered a talar head contusion of the left ankle (bone bruise). This happened in the first week of training for a 10K run race. That day was July 3, 2012.

It is now January 13, 2013 and I have yet to make a recovery. My body has not seen one second of athletic endeavors since that fateful run. The doctors are a bit perplexed (which is disconcerting), but I am certainly hopeful I can heal up and return to athletic form.

Given the lull in conversation on this blog due to the injury, and several other passionate pursuits in life, I decided to completely expand this blog beyond athletics and make it sort of a catch-all for anything I want to write about. The initial thought is to focus on athletics, faith, scotch and straight razors, with an open content bucket called "life" to contain the rest (I think I'll file this post under "life). We'll see where this goes, but I expect it to be an evolving process. It's an interesting subject mix to say the least.

My blog is now called "really." as a fun play off of my wonderful wife's blog that really only make sense to us so that tells me it's a good blog name.

New Blog Cover Photo

UPDATE: After changing doctors yet again, I finally received a clearer picture of my injury. The reason it took so long to diagnose properly is because my injury is apparently very uncommon, and unfortunately very difficult to treat. I suffered a double stress fracture on the talus and navicular bones, both of which led to bone bruising. Since the injury occurred on July 3, 2012, the talus has healed but the navicular remains in pain. I have been wearing an Aircast pretty much continuously since September, before which I was wearing a soft ankle brace. The doctor informed me that it may take 9-18 months to heal. As of the time I am writing this update (February 1, 2013), it has been 7 months since the injury occurred and I feel like I am a long way from feeling better.

Foot and Ankle Bones | Image Credit: Orthopediatrics

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  1. I am so proud of you, my Michael! The best re-naming of a blog I have seen in a long time - hear hear!