2010 Katy Trail 5K


This was my first athletic event in five months, and the easily the shortest race I have competed in. I was one month away from getting married, and Ashley (then my fiancé) was hoping to run in her first 5K so I decided to run with her.

It's a short one, but here is the course map with elevation changes:

RUN: 5 kilometers
This race was all about pacing Ashley and having some fun. Ashley's goal was to run at about 9:00/mile so I was in charge of keeping her on time. Things began well, though the course was extremely crowded and never really let up at any point. Once we hit the first major hill, I began to slow the pace as Ashley fell a bit behind. I stayed with her and now and then would try to say something encouraging (though I probably just annoyed her). In the end, we crossed the finish line at 30:04 (9:13/mile), so not too far off of Ashley's goal.

The best part about this race (and the main reason so many compete in it) is that a ton of the area restaurants have tents at the finish line with free food and drinks for race participants. Nothing like burger, beer, and ice cream to top off one's first 5K.

Time: 30:04
Distance: 3.1 miles
Average Run Pace: 9:13/mile

It was a fun race and I was excited to help Ashley through it. We definitely plan to run more together in the future, gradually increasing the distance. Not sure when I'll get back into triathlon and longer-distance events, but I don't see this happening anytime too soon.

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