2009 Dallas White Rock Marathon


Once again, this post is arriving rather late but I wanted to have some recorded history of it. Having learned nothing from my prior triathlon, I thought it would be a good idea to run a marathon having run only one time in the prior five months (spoiler alert: it was a horrible idea).

Let's take a look at the familiar course map (having competed in this same race last year):

RUN: 26.2 miles
This race was an epic disaster and the only event I started but did not complete. As it turns out, running 26.2 miles with absolutely zero training is a terrible, terrible idea. At Mile 9, I wanted so badly to bow out. My feet, knees and hips were killing me. I remember running by Ashley at this point and talking with her about how I just could not do it. However, the very thought of quitting made me sick so I told Ashley that I'd keep going but meet her a couple miles ahead to gauge how I was feeling. Unfortunately, I did not see her again until Mile 21. We kept missing each other and I was starting to lose my mind. I was in complete pain all over, coupled with extreme exhausting. I wanted to quit a thousand times over, but I kept going because if I stopped, I didn't know what to do or who would help get me back to where I came from. Thus, I kept pressing on screaming out in my mind for an end to this race. Once I saw Ashley at Mile 21, I called it quits.

In retrospect, it's easy to look back and think how easy it should have been to finish given I only had five miles to go. The fact of the matter is that in the moment I truly believed I could not go on. Though, I cannot help but wonder if I would have finished the race had I never been able to meet up with Ashley. Once I saw her at Mile 21, it was like the heaven's opened up and the sun was shining. I had been thinking of nothing but stopping for mile after mile, so by the time I saw her I didn't even think: I just pulled over and stopped.

Time: N/A
Distance: 21 out of 26 miles
Average Run Pace: N/A

This race taught me to stop being silly. I raced in this race for the same reason I competed in my last triathlon: I had already registered and paid the entry fee. In no way was I prepared to compete, and if anything I just did unnecessary damage to my body. I left that race with a stress fracture in my foot and somewhat of a shattered pride. If I was going to compete again, I decided that I would not do it without adequate training and preparation.

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