2009 U.S. Open Triathlon Dallas


I am writing this blog post nearly three years late, so as a result, I remember very little about the events that unfolded during this race. Nevertheless, I wanted to at least log it as a race I completed.

As usual, I'll begin with the course map (though this one was taken from the 2008 race):

This was my second time competing in the U.S. Open Triathlon in Dallas, although last year I competed in the Sprint distance whereas this year I was competing in the Olympic distance. What really made this triathlon unique was that it was the first time Ashley (at the time my girlfriend and now my wife) was able to watch me compete in person. I was very excited to have her support and encouragement.

SWIM: 1.5 kilometers
I was familiar with this rectangular pattern, though it was longer this time around. What I was better prepared for this time was the extreme glare from the sun reflecting off of the lake water as you turn and head back towards the dock. Also like last year, I took an absolute beating from flailing limbs all around me every stroke of the way. In total, the swim took me 35:38 to complete (2:11/100 meters).

This took me quite a while, clocking in at 5:31.

BIKE: 40 kilometers
Having also done this bike course once before, I once again found it to be rather un-thrilling. It has it's share of hills, but can be best characterized by the poor road quality (frequent pot holes). Though, I will say that the approach into the city of Dallas is nice with the view of the skyline coming over Trinity River. I finished up the bike in 1:31:41 (averaging 16.2 mph).

Much faster this time around at 2:32.

RUN: 10 kilometers
Did I mention that this race was my first time working out in any capacity since I competed in the IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake? Because I probably should have. Consequently, much like the first two legs of this race, I was completely unprepared for the third: the run. What fueled me to completion were the multiple sightings of Ashley along the run route, and her contagious smile. I finished the run in 51:23 (8:18/mile).

Time: 3:06:43
Distance: 32 miles
Average Swim Pace: 2:11/100 meters
Average Bike Pace: 16.2 mph
Average Run Pace: 8:18/mile

Honestly, I competed in this race because I had registered and paid for it. I was in no shape to compete given I had not exercised once in the prior 3.5 months (not an uncommon approach for me it seems).

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