My Heart Rate Zones

I posted an article on Heart Rate Training awhile ago, and now I finally have a somewhat better look into my own heart rate zones. It is important to calculate your max heart rate for each sport because it is highly unlikely that it is the same for each. Most people will find that their max heart rate (MHR) for running is much higher than that for just about anything else.

Bear in mind that conducting a MHR test necessitates pushing your body to its limits. It is an extremely taxing exercise that must only be undertaken in good health.

My Heart Rate Zones
Below I list my maximum heart rate my sport with a brief description of how that figure was (or was not) obtained. Under each sport is a table depicting my heart rate range for the five different training zones.

Swim: MHR = 185
This is based upon the King Tut Triathlon on April 19, 2009.
Bike: MHR = 185
This is based upon the King Tut Triathlon on April 19, 2009.
Run: MHR = 203
My MHR for running was conducted roughly on February 1, 2009 by doing a 1-mile build run up a long hill. This means that I gradually increased my speed during the run for about a half mile until I hit the long hill. Once at the hill, I went even faster. At the top of hill, I finished with a 100 meter all-out sprint. The entry containing the details can be found here.

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