2008 Review

Time of Transition
Back in the first half of 2008, I was still rowing for Boston College Crew. That feels like forever ago now, and I miss it greatly. Training and racing for rowing encompassed my life for not only the first half of 2008, but also the previous four years of my life. The summer months were spent in transition. Following graduation from Boston College in May, I was traveling all over the place. There was a solid month and a half window in which I did absolutely nothing training wise. My focus was largely on transitioning to a new job and a new city. Thus, when I first moved to Dallas on June 28, 2008, it took a while to figure out my schedule and how training would fit in. On top of that, I did not know what I was training for. I really wanted to continue rowing but lack of strong options in Dallas and a permanently damaged back had me looking elsewhere. That's when triathlon training moved into full force.

Enter the World of Blogging
I began logging my training on November 10, 2008 when I created my web page and shortly after this blog. It would be great to have been tracking such data all along, but better now than never. My training suffered at the expense of (1) travel/vacations and (2) lack of coaching. When traveling, I generally got no workouts in. The training plan I developed for myself was too generic. It had me doing the same thing every week with no variation. This plan did not take into account peak and recovery periods, training variation and an intimate knowledge of each sport.

2009 Optimism
Thankfully, I do believe that 2009 should be much better. I registered with Beginner Triathlete so that I can track my training results, plan, equipment, races, nutrition and day-to-day variations in much greater detail. Furthermore, I stumbled upon some very useful training tips and plans. I plan on using the Beginner Half Ironman Training Program to get ready for my first 70.3 on June 28, 2009. This 20 week program will begin for me on February 9, 2009.

Additionally, with my race schedule for 2009 already lined up, I now have specific events that I can prepare for well in advance. I am very excited about the 10 races and 1 camp I have scheduled for this year.

Lastly, another reason for my optimism in the new year is a change in diet/nutrition. Until now, I have not taken very good care of my nutritional needs. This does not mean I just ate a bunch of junk food. What it means is that I have not been smart. I have not previously built my diet around my training. Starting in 2009, I plan on changing that. For the first time ever, I'll find foods in my kitchen such as soy milk, organic yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, soy chips, mixed nuts, granola, oatmeal, raw honey, energy bars, fruits, vegetables and 100% whole grain bread, cereal, and pasta. Beyond changing what I eat, I plan on changing how I eat. Rather than starve myself for 12+ hour periods and then stuff my face with random debris, I plan on eating a healthy snack every 3-4 hours. This, I believe, should provide sustained energy and alertness throughout the day, allowing me to effectively tackle my workouts (and my cubicle). Hopefully I will be reporting back with goods news on how this went.

Data Dump
Below is a chart that breaks down my training time and distance (where applicable) by exercise type.
The chart below depicts my total weekly distance by exercise from when I first started logging exercise data (10.5.08) until the end of the year (12.31.08).
The chart below depicts my total weekly volume (time in minutes) by exercise from when I first started logging exercise data (10.5.08) until the end of the year (12.31.08).

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