Run :30 HR 65-80%

It's the day before the marathon so I'm out for a short and easy run on the Katy Trail. Again, I have left my heart rate strap and foot pod at home in fear that my wrist unit battery will be entirely depleted either before or during tomorrow's marathon.

In total, it was a rather light run, though I did throw in one hard piece for abou 100 meters just to get the legs moving. The objective of this morning's run was simply to loosen and warm-up the muscles in preparation for the big day tomorrow. Overall, things felt pretty good. I made sure to get a solid 15 minute stretch in following my run. The plan for the rest of the day is to relax and stay off of my feet. Chances are I'll have pasta for dinner around 5 PM or so. I don't want to eat a large meal too late in the day before the marathon.

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