Dallas Aquatic Masters (DAM): Part I

Last week I completed a month long clinic with Dallas Aquatic Masters (DAM). The Swim Basics Freestyle Class met eight times during the month of October at The J Medical City Health and Fitness Center (pictured below). I registered for the course to develop some fundamental technique and improve my foundational swimming stroke. Prior to the clinic, I had competed in three Sprint distance triathlons. Going into each, I had absolutely no swimming preparation. You can imagine how difficult the swim portion may have been for me. Desiring to compete at the highest level, I sought out professional coaching.
My expectations for the swim clinic were not that high. I did not expect to improve very much and I did not think I would enjoy the discipline of swimming by itself. Thankfully, I was completely wrong! I am amazed at how much improvement I saw in my swimming ability in just eight sessions. The coaches were excellent at pinpointing individual needs and leveraging methods to help you improve. Not only were they effective, but also they were extremely friendly. Because of their effective coaching methods and welcoming environment, the Swim Basics Freestyle Class was something that I greatly looked forward to every week. I highly recommend the course for anyone in the Dallas area who is a beginner swimmer looking to move to the intermediate level.

I was so impressed with the course, that I just became a member of Dallas Aquatic Masters. As a member, you have access to seven facilities in the Dallas area. There is a set practice schedule you must follow, but each practice is headed by a coach offering instruction. On top of that, members receive discounts at select area stores. I plan on starting practice this week, and will likely write a review after I have attended several practices at multiple facilities.

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